3 Sustainable Fashion Items to Carry You Through 2022

3 Sustainable Fashion Items to Carry You Through 2022

New year; same fashionable you!

The new year can be an extremely exciting time to reflect on what you have and look forward to goals you may have set for the upcoming year. If one of your goals is to invest more in your wardrobe, specifically by buying more ethical fashion items that have timeless style, there are a few key pieces you may want to consider picking up. Here are some of the most practical sustainable fashion items that will serve as major wardrobe investment pieces as we enter 2022.


Relaxed Fit Wrinkle Free Pants in Black

Everyone needs a great pair of black trousers. Trousers are having a bit of a moment in fashion, but that’s not to say they are a trend. A nice pair of black pants is a timeless piece. The Relaxed Fit Wrinkle Free Pants in Black are the perfect pair of comfortable pants that are also fuss-free. These wrinkle free pants resist crinkling from everyday wear, so you can look chic and put-together all day long.

 Wrinkle Free Relaxed Pants in Black

Denim Smock Blouse in Indigo

A nice, classic oversized shirt is a transitional staple piece that can take you through all the seasons of the year. The Denim Smock Blouse in Indigo is the perfect premium denim piece that is completely seasonless, perfect for a hot summer picnic or bundling up to go skating.

Denim smock blouse in indigo 

High Waist Barrel Leg Pants in Khaki

The High Waist Barrel Leg Pants in Khaki are a casual chic, versatile piece with an easy fit. The 100% cotton pants are an easy pair to throw on and wear with anything. The minimal and chic design means that they won’t draw attention away from other clothing items or statement pieces, and the adjustable waist makes them comfortable through the whole day.

High Waist Barrel Leg Pants in Khaki

December 22, 2021 — Athena Newton
Why switch to sustainable fashion?

Why switch to sustainable fashion?

We're facing a problem with the current fashion industry, that's based on seasons, trends, and poor quality garments with a disposable logic intended. These fast fashion brands want consumers to continuously purchase which leads to unethical production practices and environmental standards.

The fashion industry is a significant contributor in waste accumulated throughout various landfills around the world. We have been producing more than we can consume and have been disposing so much more than the earth can replenish. When we make the switch to a sustainable fashion brand it allows us to target our relationship with waste. You might be thinking, what is sustainable fashion? The term refers to clothing that is designed, manufactured, distributed, and handled in ways that are environmentally friendly and ethical.

The sustainable fashion switch helps us target our behavior with waste and help us gain a sense of appreciation for our planet. Waste is a huge component of the fashion industry, by making the shift to a more conscious fashion wardrobe we can lower our impact on the planet significantly.

Luxury, affordable, and sustainable fashion

Washable linen pants in fawn

If you’re on a tight budget, or if you simply can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on a simple piece of clothing, you might feel like sustainable and ethical fashion brands are not as accessible. Without even having to purchase from the most expensive sustainable brands, you can still make the switch to a sustainable wardrobe in a cost effective way. Switch to more seasonless fashion pieces, such as these lightweight linen pants you can style throughout the year or this cotton smock blouse that is also timeless and casual. 

Ivory Cotton Smock Blouse

Effects on the environment

The pricing on clothing has been decreasing for decades, while the environmental costs have skyrocketed to the top. The waste pollution, changes in land use, and biochemical effects are all due to landfill pollution, and clothing is one of the primary contributors to this crisis. Another effect unethical and unsustainable clothing has on the planet is the fabric processing.

This includes weaving thread and dyeing fabric different colors, which requires massive amounts of water and toxic chemicals, and even pesticides for growing raw materials. Once the product is made, the waste pollution created along the way ends up in landfills and large bodies of water. After agriculture, textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of clean water globally.

Invest in seasonless fashion

There truly are some pieces that seem like they will never go out of style. That’s why it’s important to invest in seasonless fashion clothing. You can always choose to invest in sustainable fashion essentials that you can wear in your wardrobe for a long time. Some parts of fashion will switch from year to year, and you’ll feel tempted to adjust and shop for your wardrobe to match. However if you take the time to identify the items that really drive your wardrobe, then you’ll have far less of a negative impact on the environment, as your clothes will switch out far less.

For example, you can invest in pieces like the ochre smock blouse that you can easily layer and style in your wardrobe throughout the year. Perhaps you need  business-casual items, such as these retro-style high waisted pants that can be worn with various different looks and stay in your wardrobe throughout the year. Imagine pieces that are neutral and lightweight items like these washable linen pants which can work easily with coordinating pieces as the seasons come and go. 

Smock blouses

Something like this is going to have a much lower cost-per-wear in your closet, because of it’s versatility and style. Wear it as a dress, top, or even as a layering piece to your look. These pieces can be easily styled repeatedly to give you a huge return on your investment, as opposed to a piece you may wear one or two times because it’s a trend.

If it's broken, fix it

In our fast culture, it’s become a normal thing to toss clothes away as soon as they get a tiny hole in them. Whenever a piece of clothing you own starts to rip or tear, it’s always a good idea to sew it. In fact, that’s exactly how our grandmothers would handle the situation, and a sustainable way. It’s always important to keep in mind to also invest in high-quality pieces that are well made and less prone to rips or tears because of the quality of material used and production. Some high-quality items that are ethically sourced and produced include these denim smock blouse from Athena Newton which is designed, sourced, and crafted in New York City.

Instead of replacing or throwing out clothes that have rips or holes, take your clothes to a seamstress or alterations shop to repair them. If you have the skill to sew, do it yourself! All you need is a basic sewing kit including a needle as well as a few spools of thread in basic colors to match your wardrobe. To learn how to sew, you can visit YouTube and search up some tutorials.

Honestly, just buy less clothes

We don’t have to become extreme minimalists to have a sustainable wardrobe. One thing we all know, we buy too much crap. Fashion trends can come and go. But these days, fast fashion shops are restocking and producing faster than ever with trendy and newer pieces.

Fashion trends come and go, fast fashion stores are stocking and restocking their products faster than ever, and we’re getting suckered into always buying more and “new” items. These versatile and sustainable clothing pieces end up saving you money because you get more wear out of your clothes due to the long-lasting quality and material. We could be just as fashionable and trendy with classic and essentials pieces in our wardrobe all while doing our part to reduce waste and pollution on our planet.

October 12, 2020 — Claudia Gonzalez