In 2019, I started ATHENA NEWTON for a very simple and personal reason: I didn't feel confident in what I wore.

At the time, I was working as a Marketing Director in New York City. My days were long, so I wanted to look chic and feel comfortable, without trying too hard or thinking too much about it. Being a thirty-something, professional, it was difficult to find stylish pieces that I wouldn’t have to spend a fortune on: the clothing I wanted, I couldn’t afford and what I could afford, fit poorly and didn't last long.

Nothing really flattered my hourglass shape; most pants were too tight along the hips, butt and thighs, and tops were too short and snug. I became tired of overspending on "disposable" fashion. So, I began drawing (very) rough sketches during work hours, on company stationary and post-its. At home, I'd practiced by draping on a $5 mannequin I bought at a flea market, and laying out fabric scraps in different pant and dress shapes.

A few years later, I came to the [confronting] realization that the benefits of working towards my passion outweighed the costs of working for someone else's. From that point, my goal was to create transitional pieces for women, capable of lasting in quality and aesthetic.

I believe that good design lies in form and fabric: i.e.; simple shapes crafted with quality material to flatter and fit any body type.

Since the beginning, I've encouraged and advocated for the notion that you can own a few essential, timeless pieces, whist  prioritizing comfort and sophistication in everyday wear.

Life can be stressful. Dressing well shouldn't have to be.