ATHENA NEWTON is an ethical clothing brand that inspires functional elegance through classic, tailored and chic investment pieces. Since 2019, founder, Athena Newton has always encouraged and advocated the notion that a woman can own a few timeless pieces, whilst prioritizing sophistication in everyday wear. Designed and made in New York City, each piece is crafted with a classic, no-fuss aesthetic to make women feel confident and comfortable, wherever the day may take her. 



Designed and made in New York City by a small, independent team who are committed to high-quality garments as well as superior form and fit. We don't mass produce. Instead, to significantly limit the amount of waste, 10 pieces for each design are initially made and distributed to boutiques and direct to consumer. 

Designed to Fit

The shape, movement and proportions of each piece are designed to give you confidence and allow you to move throughout your day with comfort and ease, and without restriction. 


Easy-to-pair separates you can dress up or dress down, for any occasion. 


Clean lines combined with quality fabrics that are designed to make a woman feel confident and comfortable for every season, all year round. 


We are timeless, not trendy; simple, not boring; elegant, not exaggerated.