New year; same fashionable you!

The new year can be an extremely exciting time to reflect on what you have and look forward to goals you may have set for the upcoming year. If one of your goals is to invest more in your wardrobe, specifically by buying more ethical fashion items that have timeless style, there are a few key pieces you may want to consider picking up. Here are some of the most practical sustainable fashion items that will serve as major wardrobe investment pieces as we enter 2022.


Relaxed Fit Wrinkle Free Pants in Black

Everyone needs a great pair of black trousers. Trousers are having a bit of a moment in fashion, but that’s not to say they are a trend. A nice pair of black pants is a timeless piece. The Relaxed Fit Wrinkle Free Pants in Black are the perfect pair of comfortable pants that are also fuss-free. These wrinkle free pants resist crinkling from everyday wear, so you can look chic and put-together all day long.

 Wrinkle Free Relaxed Pants in Black

Denim Smock Blouse in Indigo

A nice, classic oversized shirt is a transitional staple piece that can take you through all the seasons of the year. The Denim Smock Blouse in Indigo is the perfect premium denim piece that is completely seasonless, perfect for a hot summer picnic or bundling up to go skating.

Denim smock blouse in indigo 

High Waist Barrel Leg Pants in Khaki

The High Waist Barrel Leg Pants in Khaki are a casual chic, versatile piece with an easy fit. The 100% cotton pants are an easy pair to throw on and wear with anything. The minimal and chic design means that they won’t draw attention away from other clothing items or statement pieces, and the adjustable waist makes them comfortable through the whole day.

High Waist Barrel Leg Pants in Khaki

December 22, 2021 — Athena Newton